Monday, August 6, 2012

Closing Night Reception : Wednesday, August 8th

Due to the overwhelming enthusiastic response to the One Hundred Dollars show we are throwing a closing reception! It was an amazing and fabulous show with so many extraordinary talents! Nearly half the show has sold... If you had your eye on a piece, now is your chance to get it!

Wednesday August 8th 6-9pm
622 Degraw Street

Here are some shots from the epic opening night!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paul Gagner

Paul redrew a one dollar bill as a ten dollar bill. It is a counterfeiter's method called "lifting". I say it's Paul using his epic abilities to confound and amuse everyone in the room. Seriously, get close to this piece. It's awesome. If you don't know Paul's work, Check it out!

Paul Gagner. "Keep the Change." Oil on Dollar Note.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mark Sengbusch

Mark's work is very intriguing. His focus deals with layering a complex grid. An overlapping framework of mapped out mathematical design... very intense work.

Mark Sengbusch. "Rose Plane."(20) Mixed on Dollar note.

Christian Johnson

Christian Johnson's work has a simplicity and sophisticated allure. His piece is so subtle and understated. It's quiet stylistic abstraction is really captivating.

Christian Johnson. "Untitled." Graphite on Dollar Note.

Lee Misenheimer

Lee Misenheimer is an incredible draftsman and artist. His work is as meticulous as it is beautiful. He folds together flawless forms and creates epic creatures out of simple line. Seriously, this piece is mesmerizing. Find this guy's work...unreal!

Lee Misenheimer. "Untitled." Ink on Dollar note.

Nghia Nguyen

The very funny and amazing Nghia brought one of my favorites to the show. Nghia is a great guy who helped the show be what it is! 

Nghia Nguyen. "No Money, No Honey." Ink on Dollar.

Carmen Von K

I was so happy to have Carmen in the show, she was one of two photography based artists in the exhibition. Her work is a combination of photo and mixed media. The photo portion is photographed paper layered and abstracted over the dollar. Her work is very interesting and a lot of fun. She brought a new perspective to the show which was a breath of fresh air. Thank you Carmen.

Carmen Von K. "Untitled." Mixed Media on Dolar Note.

Jonny Ruzzo

Jonny Ruzzo's piece let's you know exactly what it's all about. It is gorgeous and funny.  This is a guy to keep your eye on. A super talented Artist. Check out his work if you haven't already!

Jonny Ruzzo. "Mommy, It's not all about the Money." Glitter on Dollar note.


If there was any Powerhouse in Newark NJ it would be Ari.  Her work is geared towards the explosion of minds and once she pops up on the scene be sure to be surprised. Her continuing explorations of line work is a great achievement.

Her excellent Dollar is highlighted on our main wall alone. Still Available! $100 Bucks! So Cheap! Wouldn't that look good in your home, above your night stand!?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Maya Brym

Maya Brym was my next door studio mate. One day when I was stopping over her place to ask for a cup of artist's sugar, I caught a glimpse of her magnificent floral paintings.  Then I had to ask for multiple cups on different days to peak more glimpses of the work over her shoulder. At times one is reminded of a Charley Harper -esque preternatural ability for simplicity and at other times she reveals worlds that live in worlds through a potted plant. And the potential that lives within all those little guys...  to one day be free of the pot that they are planted in.  Go to this NYFA Fellowship Winner's Website Now!

Maya made this dollar that echo's humanities gaze up to the sky, through the ages.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Got More Press!

So it's True! BNR and the SPMC's journal, Paper Money will be printing the review for our exhibit One Hundred Dollars!Andrew Smenos & Sergio Barrale Are Totally flattered the Numismatic community took an interest in us!

Crazy Awesome Work is still Available!! Only $100 Bucks! so Cheap!  Drop Us A LINE

Just For now here is that Huffington Post article about our the show, GO SEE IT UP TILL AUG 9th :  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joel Dugan

Joel blacked out the dollar. He removed all the power it holds. The graphite is slick and shiny and very captivating. Excellent piece.
Joel Dugan. "Grease." Graphite on Dollar Note.

Andrew Smenos

So this guy made this.
 It's keeping up with the body of work dealing with carved toy animals. One Tiger under Tiger, indivisible tiger ...tiger... In Tiger we trust.
Andrew Smenos. " One Tiger." Oil on Dollar Note

Benjamin Martins

Benjamin makes gorgeous and haunting watercolor portraits. This piece is collage of a watercolor and the frame work of a dollar. It must be seen in person. It is quite impressive and well executed deliberate work.
Benjamin Martins. " Untitled." Watercolor and Dollar Note

Taylor McKimens & Joe Sorren

Taylor McKimens and Joe Sorren are incredibly talented Artists and they submitted a fistful of dollars to the show. Some were individually made and some were collaborative efforts. This piece features both Artists. A joint effort and a beautiful piece. This is a really rare and unique piece. I don't think you will find this anywhere else. If you are a fan of either Artist or both this is an epic work.
Taylor McKimens, Joe Sorren. "Untitled." Mixed on Dollar Note

Scott Penkava

Mary Pinchot Meyer was a pretty amazing lady. You should google her if you don't know who she is. Scott's piece came with the very special instructions, "handle with gloves." This piece is hilarious and very clever and we are glad we looked that lady up. Seriously look up MARY PINCHOT MEYER.
Scott Penkava. "Mary Pinchot Meyer." Mixed on Dollar Note.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Opening night...!

Here are some shots from the opening, also are some of the dollars at the show.... if anything catches your eye, let me know and we can get you that piece!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The show opened and it was incredible! So many people came out and the work sold. SO much fun.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don D'Aries

Don is awesome. He is clever and hilarious. This piece is titled: "Making ends meet." So good.
Don D'Aries "Making Ends Meet." Ink and Watercolor on Dollar note.

Maureen Drennan

Maureen is a very talented photographer. Her dollar is a digitally printed photo. Gorgeous!
Maureen Drennan "Molly." digital on dollar note.

Kenneth Pietrobono

Kenneth made a fabulously ernest and clear eyed sign that reminds us of were to place real value. Awesome piece.
Kenneth Pietrobono, "You Above All." Etched Acrylic

Maria Kozak

Maria is lovely, So is her Dollar for this show. I wish our founding father's really were lavender unicorns.
Maria Kozak "Uni-dollar." Mixed on Dollar Note

Alexandra Evans

In this piece Alexandra used cow blood to paint a heart around George Washington's head. Then she painted life like Flies on the surface, buzzing around. Her piece is a love note to commerce.
Alexandra Evans "Oh for the Love of Money." Blood, oil paint on Dollar note.

Ryan Scully

Ryan Scully's dollar is really incredible. He built a special light box that captures light and injects it into his work. The painting is an amazing nod to Albert Bierstadt's depiction of early American frontier life. Just see for yourself... unbelievable work!
Ryan Scully, "Looking Down on Yosemite Valley 1865." (After Albert Bierstadt.) Oil on Dollar Note

Victor Kerlow

Victor Kerlow's Dollar bills is perfect. Sums up so much about America.
Victor Kerlow, "Cheese Burger Washington." Watercolor and Ink collage on dollar note.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Check it out

Matt Leines

Check out this mesmerizing piece by Matt Leines.

Matt Leines "Untitled." Acrylic and Ink on Dollar note.

Jennifer Grimyser

Ms. Grimyser's dollar is clever and so much fun. Jennifer's work is incredibly interesting. This one is one of my favorites.

Jennifer Grimyser "Untitled (Bread)" Collage Dollar note.

Jean Pierre Roy

An Astounding Dollar Bill from JP Roy. This guy can paint. You have to see this in person!
Jean Pierre Roy "Frank and Joe (Thief,1981) Oil on Dollar Note

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reid Bingham

Reid is a Digital Media heavy weight. On weekends (and some weeknights) Under the Shadow of Nightfall, Reid dawns a sophisticated robotic suit of armor to compete in illegal Robot fighting arena's around the metropolitan area... Some do not believe and say he is actually a Robot, others say he is just plain Mad. One thing they can't argue about is He's Good. YEah.. He's real Good.. Cause he's not Dead... And He's never lost... When he's not fighting Robot's or infiltrating crime rings in the underbelly of New York City (oops that was supposed to be a secret) he is making amazing Art. 
The weight on this Man's shoulders.. well... only he can Bare. 
(In Announcer Voice) I give you the Unregulated Undefeated MultiMedia Giant Reid Bingham's Dollar Submisssiiiooooooonnnnnnn:

Reid Bingham, "We Can Make Him Better Than He Was Before.. Better.. Stronger.. Faster" 
Digital Media on Dollar Note

Alessandro Echevarria

If you are not familiar with Alessandro Echevarria, then you should be ashamed of yourself! The man is a Delight! (If you are Italian and you don't know of the legends of Echevarria you have brought shame onto your family and your name!) Should you decide to type his name into your google bar you will be that much smarter (holding up pinchy finger hand). Check him out!

 Alessandro Echevarria, "4P" Watercolor on Dollar Note

Hyunjin Alex Park.

The very talented Hyunjin Alex Park just dropped of her piece. It is incredible. Everything from the tiny portrait to the magnified distortion in the  bubbles is perfect!  Her amazing attention to detail is uncanny. You must see it in person.

Hyunjin Alex Park "The New One Dollar." Acrylic on dollar note.

 The title of the exhibition is "One Hundred Dollars". All the artwork for this show utilizes the U.S. ONE DOLLAR BILL as a canvas. There will be one hundred artists in the show. All the artwork is available for one hundred dollars each.

 Money is simply a piece of paper, Art is simply a form of communication, yet both carry incredible power. Concepts permeate art and money. The perception of value or authority. The ancient codes used and doctrines communicated. Layered and surreal images that appear with beautifully crafted portraits, scenes, symbols, forms and typography from generations past. Precious objects we exchange and collect. One Hundred Artists, One Hundred Dollar Bills, every dollar bill Art Piece is for sale for One Hundred Dollars.

Opens: July 14th 6-9pm 
Closes: August 9th
622 Degraw Street
New York, NY 11217

 Reuben Negron, Kristen Schiele, Paul Gagner, Taylor McKimens, Joel Dugan, Tricia Keightley, Jordin Isip, Julie E. Brady, Daniel Maidman, Jason Gandy, Michael Kagan, Eric White, Joe Heaps Nelson, Maria Kozak, Rachel Schmidhofer, Kyle McCoy, Joe Sorren, Mauricio Salmon, Lola Serrano, Ian Brauner, Hazel Lee Santino, Rob Leecock, Felicia Forte, Aliene De Souza Howell, Matt Morris, Hyunjin Alex Park, Benjamin Martins, Sarah Stenseng, Jean Pierre Roy, Rachel Pontious, Matt Leines, Scott Penkava, Richard Saja, Thomas Martin, Carmen Von K, Chris Leib, Stefi Sakata, Reiner Hansen, Brian Novatny, Jonny Ruzzo, Victor Kerlow, Steve Ellis, Jsun Laliberte, Jennifer Grimyser, Cheryl Arent, Shirley Cruz, Nelson Loskamp, Vic Selbach, Christian Johnson, Nghia Nguyen, Marcia Shapiro, Don D'Aries, Sahar Ghaheri, Gabe Albin, Brian Rattiner, Rawan Rihani, Nathan Stapley, Jeff Faerber, Natalia Zubko, Matt Rota, Maureen Drennan, Emily Noelle Lambert, Rebecca Litt, Ryan Scully, Lauren Hickman, Justin Baldwin, Brandon Sines, Eric Trosko, Paul D'Agostino, Mark Sengbusch, Paul Brainard, Alexandra Evans, Daniel Davidson, Lee Misenheimer, Casey Farnum, Nina Ljeti, Ms. Dingo, Taylor Bowen, Fedele Spadafora, Hannah Lee, Rachel Levit, Eric Pearson, Eric Araujo, Jeff Sims, Christopher Casamassima, Billy Norrby, Ariana Barat, Megan Berk, Patrick Meehan, Reid Bingham, Maya Brym, Paul Del Bosque, Jess Rees, Sergio Verdeza, Kenneth Pietrobono, John Felix Arnold III, Patrick Shoemaker, Josh Steinbauer, Jessica Lynn, Chaz Faxton, Tina Marie Alleva, Alessandro Echevarria, Kiki Valdes, Sara Mcbeen, Tim Jaeger, Andrew Smenos, Sergio Barrale.

Natalia Zubko

Everybody back up ... Natalia just sent in her extraordinary dollar bill.  Her skills as a talented sculptor were employed to build this gorgeous illusion. She layered paper and each paper lip catches or shades the light creating an amazing sense of depth.

Natalia Zubko "Light, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness." Collage on dollar note.

Kristen Schiele

The very talented and creative Kristen Schiele just sent over her stunning bill. Her approach constructs a hypnotic crystaline collideoscope around all subject matter she focuses on.... George Washington included. Excellent work.
Kristen Schiele "Pretty Washington." Airbrush on dollar note.

Richard Saja

Richard Saja is a very talented guy and it is difficult not to love everything he makes. The fact that his work is all perfectly embroidered is only one reason to be in awe. Richard is also very clever and funny. If you don't know about this guy you should.

Richard Saja, "Little Georgina, my Icelandic cousin." Metallic thread, rayon floss, crystal beads, ribbon, rosettes, dollar note

Monday, July 9, 2012

Casey Farnum

What can I say but... amazing!
Casey Farnum's piece is wild. I am glad he is in this show. Check out his work, you'll be glad you did. 

Casey Farnum "Washington Summons Chipmunk and Tiger." Ink on dollar note.